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    How to Add Test iOS Device

    ChopperDavo Level 1

      Hi there, we have an eBook app which we have on the iPad.


      Today we tried to put it onto my friend's iPhone, but couldn't do it.  Just kept getting the error, "AppName failed to Install" on the iPhone.


      I rebuilt the app in Flash with 'iPhone' in the publish settings.


      Do I need to get a new certificate/provisioning profile to do this?


      How do I authorize this new device?


      I did it once for the iPad, and followed this article: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/air/articles/packaging-air-apps-ios.html.  But when I tried to follow it again, got lost because I already have the certificates/profile etc.  Do I need to revoke the old ones and create new ones with the new device ID in it somehow?


      Any help appreciated, cheers.