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    Viewing an individual clip seperately.


      I've split my video into a series of seperate clips and was wondering how to run a single clip in the window, so that it stops at the split point. Unfortunately the video just runs on into the following clip, and so on. Is it possible to have the selected single clip stop when it reaches its end point? Many thanks.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The best way to accomplish what you want is to use the Source Monitor, instead of the Program Monitor. To invoke the Source Monitor, just Dbl-click on that Trimmed Clip on the Timeline, and it will play from In to Out Point.


          Now, if you wish to step through the Timeline, after you have Cut your Clips (Trimming), you can hit each Cut perfectly by using the PageUp/PageDn keys, and also the Home (goes to the first Frame in Timeline @ 00;00;00;00), or End (goes to immediately after the last Frame on the Timeline).


          Good luck, and hope that helps.



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            suladed Level 1

            Thanks Bill. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to work for me.


            When I dbl click on a part of the timeline, the "preview" window appears in the centre of the screen. Now, the home and end keys gets me to front and end of entire video. Page up/down do nothing. But all 4 of these work as you suggest in the main window at the  left of screen (which I presume is what you call the Program Monitor).


            In the smaller "preview" window, my "cuts" or "clips" have their in points and out points correctly marked, and right clicking on the blue slider indicator to bring up the clip marker menu enables me to get to "go to clip marker", where if I choose "In" or "video in", and "Out" or "video out", the clip will go  to the beginning or end (ie of the clip).  Also, the section of the video between these in and end points (ie the clip itself) is highlighted in the timeline of the preview window between the "Set in" and "Set out" markers.


            So I think I have the video correctly trimmed/marked.  In the main window (program monitor?), both  "go to Previous Edit Point" and "go to next edit point' work perfectly.


            But running an individually marked segment is a no-no. After an hour of fiddling, I cannot get a clip to run from its "In" edit point to its "Out" edit point without continuing to run on into the following clip.


            Such an important functionality. I cannot believe it can't be done.

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              suladed Level 1

              Just to add to that, my fallback position is simply to use the space bar to start/stop the playback, and click "Goto Previous Edit Point" icon. The playback runs over the end point of the segment, but I think I can live with that.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                This is because you have already Cut your Clips on the Timeline. What I was referring to was, instead of dragging the full Clip to the Timeline and Cutting it, you instead work with the full Clip from the Project Panel, and Dbl-click on it, to get it into the Source Monitor (the little one with the In & Out Point commands and a few othter tid-bits), and Trim that "master" Clip, with In & Out Points, to create two different Instances of that Clip, that match what you Cut. In the Source Monitor, you can view from In to Out Point, and as you change those, for the next Instance, can preview THAT Instance, prior to dragging to the Timeline.


                Many editors use the Source Monitor extensively, and ONLY Trimmed Clips (or sub-Clips - but be careful, as that term means different things in other NLE programs, like PrPro) are dragged to the Timeline. PrPro even has a third Monitor - the Trim Monitor, that allows easy keyboard commands to Trim that master Clip, and then how to handle that Instance of it, going to the Timeline. Personally, I find the Trim Monitor clunky, but many editors love it, and cannot live without it.


                Without the Source Monitor, using the Keyboard Shortcuts and the Space Bar are my next choices.


                Good luck,



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