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    vernehenzel Level 1

      Hi. I've done some research to find the answer to this. I have to admit this is over my head. So, would someone please help me?


      This system of .SWF, .AS, and .XML files is designed to allow users to upload photos for public display in a big ole wall of shiny, happy people. I'm getting an error when I publish an uploader.fla. I'm getting other errors and I'm betting it all comes back to the following error, which is probably a problem of missing resources.



      JPGEncoder.as, Line 239


      1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: BitString.


      private function writeBits(bs:BitString):void


      I'm working in CS4 on a Windows XP SP3 box. I realize this isn't much to go on and if you need more of the solution I can send it.


      Thanks in advance,