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    Error message problem


      I just downloaded ADE yesterday and then downloaded a library bookto my PC.  However, the book went into My Documents on the PC, it did not go into the ADE, and I keep getting a message in ADE that says "Error getting license. Server communication problem. E_Adept_Request_Expired"  It is NOT a problem with the date, time and time zone on my PC.  They have not changed since yesterday, other than to stay current.  What is going on?  Can anyone help me?  Thanks.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          I'm sorry, Pat, but the error message is generated when ADE compare dates

          and times (and uses the time zone also) with the information supplied in

          library ebook files.  It would appear that the library ebook file and your

          computer's settings are off enough so that the library ebook's loan period

          has expired.


          If your computer's date, time and time zone are correct and current, then

          the library's system may have generated an incorrect date.  I would contact

          the library's technical support function and tell them what's happening.

          Don't take 'it's Adobe's problem' for an answer - ask them if they can

          arrange another download, etc....