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    How do you load an itemrenderer as a module?


      I have a list module that I want to use a custom itemrenderer for, andI want to be able to load up the itemrenderer as a module, separate from the list module.  (actually, in the end I want to be able to swap itemrenderers out on the fly, with several possible choices).


      Both the list module and itemrenderer module share a common RSL.


      I can't figure out how to make this work.  I tried making a class in the RSL that extends iitemrenderer, and has a IModule interface, then making the module out of one of those, but I get a compiler warning about "the compilation unit did not have a factoryclass specified in frame data...", and it doesn't compile the module.


      I also tried making a class extending itemrenderer, with an imodule interface, and that sort of worked, but it doesn't appear to be using my overloaded set data() function, and it only makes enough renderers to fill the datagroup once, then stops making more. 


      Is there a tutorial about this stuff anywhere, or does anyone have any suggestions?