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    Problems activating Adobe Viewer


      I recently purchased an e-reader a LEGGO from IBS Italy.  I have purchased two books but I can't download them as they require me to active the device by using my Adobe account.  There is provision for this on the e-reader.  I tap in logging  in with email address and password (the same I used to log in here) but I get a message Activation failed.  ( E-AUTH_FAILED. http://adeactivate.adobe.com/adept"SignInDirect -(then my email address) and then CUSO5051  or it could be CUS05051.


      The adobe activation is necessary due to the DSM or ePUB ( I can't understand it - something to do with protecting copyright) with respect to the books I have purchased.  This means I can't read the books without activating the Adobe account.  What is going wrong?