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    Sony ereader not recognized by ADE


      Sony e-reader PRS-350 gets recognized by ADE on one of my computers but not another.  Both WIN XP.  On the problem computer the reader shows up as a device in My Computer, and the computer got authorized by ADE properly, but the reader won't show up in the bookshelf column.  Any ideas? Thx!


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          Bob0007 Level 1

          I found the fix, the Sony Reader Library (formerly eBook Library) version 3.3 must be installed for ADE to recognize the Sony 350 reader.  And the computer must be in Administator mode if it has one or the installation will halt midway giving that message.  You do not have to set up a Sony account on their site or use this much hated software, just install it, and decline the account setup, and have the reader connected to the computer and charged up.  Then the reader will show up in the bookshelf column of ADE.