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    Error trying to burn blu ray


      Have a dual xeon X5670 (2.93) 24 gb ram system with Win7 64. Purchased premier elements 10 installed recently. Purchased a OEM blu ray burner (internal). Just started learning this software, coming from iMovie and FCE. After I trim off a wedding video, I go to share, burn blu ray. I get a error, then the system locks up. Tried twice. 2 coasters. It will show it's rendering, then writing. When it starts to write, jumps to 99%, then freezes. Have to kill the process to end the program. Am new to this so probably missing something. Suggestions?

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          bearcatrp24 Level 1

          Forgot to add, the footage imputed is AVCHD from a Sony SR11 camcorder. Wasn't sure if I needed to select AVCHD or blu ray but since am burning to blu ray disc, selected blu ray.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            When you started your Premiere Elements project, which settings did you select?


            Assuming you shot your video in FH mode and you used Premiere Elements' Get Media tool to bring the video from the camcorder to your computer, you should have set your project up for Full AVCHD 1920x1080. If you've properly set up your project, you should see NO red lines above your clips when you add them to your timeline. Is that the case in your project?


            Meantime, if you haven't, you should got manually to Windows Update and manually download even the non-critical updates for your operating system. This method will often pick up drivers that won't otherwise be updated.


            You should also ensure you have the latest version of Quicktime, per the program's requirements.


            And, for best performance, I always recommend you run a Deep Care tune-up with Advanced System Care Free. This will help clear off junk and temp files, tune up your registry and defragment your drives.


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Is the computer a Dell? The reason that I ask is Dell has at least one batch of bad BD burners.


              Check who the mfgr. of the BD burner is, and see if they have new firmware for it. Be VERY careful to read the installation instructions, if you go to update the firmware. Matter of fact, I would print those out and follow them exactly, step by step. Do not deviate.


              Good luck,




              PS - you might want to pick up a pack of RE (Rewritable) BD's, to save those "coasters." Test with those, but do not deliver those.

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                bearcatrp24 Level 1

                Thanks for the reply. I have no red lines on my clips. It is set up full AVCHD 1920x1080. My stystem is up to date. Quicktime is the latest version since I use iTunes. I dont install third party apps when not needed. Win 7 already has the proper tools to complete those tasks you asked about. This is a fairly new system I built that has only 4 programs installed. Never used for anything but those. Dont even surf the net with this one so I can keep it clean and bug free. Pretty sure its the BD drive since encoding goes well but soon as it goes to write, it fails. Premier recognizes the drive. Have read somewhere to burn to the hard drive, then use another program to burn to disk, but cant figure out how to do this yet. Since am on another computer, will get the settings on this project and post them.

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                  bearcatrp24 Level 1

                  This is a home built computer. Have heard problems using verbatum disks so might have to buy a different brand to see if the problem remains. One problem when buying OEM products, you dont get support (usually). Will look into the firmware though. Thanks.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    I have not read of any issues with Verbatim discs, and usually they are one of the very best. However, there can be bad batches, even for top mfgrs., and also counterfeit versions. Not THAT long ago, someone was counterfeiting Taiyo Yuden blank DVD's.


                    Good luck, and hope that a firmware update handles things.



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                      bearcatrp24 Level 1

                      Just looked, was imported 1080i, HDV. Will admit the import was fast compared to apple products. My old mac pro would take about 3 times more to get it in. Since I am new to this, just wanted to test it out by triming a few clips, then burn to BD before i begin full editing. Cant go any further until I can burn these clips.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        The reason that the Import was quicker in PrE, than most Mac-based NLE programs, is that PrE edits most formats/CODEC's natively, where the Mac NLE's first convert everything to an intermediate CODEC for editing. The only thing, remotely similar in PrE, is that the Audio will be Conformed to 32-bit floating point for accurate editing, and the PEK (Waveform Display) file will be created.


                        Good luck,