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    Pal or NTSC

    AlistairY Level 1

      When in the US a couple of years ago, I bought a point and shoot Sony that took High Def video in NTSC format. Having just bought a new high definition (PAL) Samsung TV, I tried viewing the footage from a memory stick. I was amazed at how good the picture was and that it seemed to play without a hitch.

      Being a PAL system country (South Africa) I have naturally always bought PAL cameras but I am wondering if this is still important with LCD TV's and Bluray players. I am travelling to the States soon and NTSC cameras are significantly cheaper there.

      I have searched the forums but have not been able to find a discussion on the subject.

      Thanks in advance for an answer from some of you knowledgeable guys.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          In your case NTSC cameras are probably less expensive and as you have noticed, in PAL countries both NTSC and PAL are supported, so as long as your whole editing workflow is NTSC, including export, there is no problem playing back your videos. In the SD era things were different, because of the limited resolution of NTSC (480) versus PAL (576) and the limited IRE range of NTSC. Also notice that some cameras support shooting both in PAL and NTSC or can be firmware upgraded to allow both.


          AFAIK the only difference with full HD between NTSC and PAL is the framerate. No difference in resolution and I think no difference in IRE range.


          ONE CAVEAT: Companies like Sony are pretty strict with warranty conditions. Cameras bought in the USA can only be serviced / repaired under warranty in the USA, so check that carefully.

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            AlistairY Level 1

            Thanks Harm for your valuable input.

            Quite right about  the warranty conditions but worth the gamble because of the wide range of choices and availability at B&H. Amazing store to visit.

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              >availability at B&H


              I've never been to their physical store, but I have purchased from their web store... good prices for the products they carry

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                Jim_Simon Level 9
                I've never been to their physical store


                Oh, you're missing out dude.  It's the Wonka factory of our industry.