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      I am trying to develop a p2p video chat web site using cirrus and flash.  Would you be able to give any advice why it might not work with one of my colleagues while it works with the others?.  The netconnection to cirrus is fine and then the net streams just dont connect.  We have tried Omegle with his network and that works fine and I am led to believe that omegle uses the same p2p method i.e flash and cirrus?  So if that works and mine doesnt what can i be doing wrong??


      Thanks in anticipation.



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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          P2P connections are not always possible because of the different kinds of NATs and firewalls out there.  please see this posting for more information about the kinds of problems different kinds of NATs cause:




          in your case, where it seems like another application that's using Cirrus and RTMFP is working but yours isn't: you could have some kind of error in your application. does communication work reliably if you use VideoPhoneLabs, the Cirrus sample application?




          if VideoPhoneLabs works but your application doesn't, then you probably have some kind of bug in your app.

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            RobboWrexham Level 1

            hi Michael thanks for the reply. Omegle works fine but adobe video chat

            example doesn't work either.  The other user is a home user using just out

            of the box router from his isp.  Thanks in advance. rob.

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              RobboWrexham Level 1

              also we sometimes get a status every stating netstream.connection.changed

              or something similar.  Just tested via my neighbours internet connection

              and my own and it works ok. Am really puzzled by this. Thanks for your help.

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                Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

                the first link i posted explained about how different kinds of NATs can interfere with P2P communication.  what does cc.rtmfp.net report at each end (your end and the other user's end)?


                perhaps omegle detects when P2P won't work and uses a client-server relay for those cases.


                NetConnection.AddressChange.Notify means that the server sees that the IP address and/or UDP port number you're using has changed. that can happen if your NAT has a very short translation timeout period, or if the NAT restarts or something, or if you change networks (perhaps going from wireless to wired for example).