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    Determine ICC output profile (name) in PDF/X output intent

    Didier H. Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have a PDF of which I need to determine the ICC output profile (name) of the PDF/X output intent. This is what I have in the 'content stream':


      <</Metadata 6 0 R/OutputIntents[<</DestOutputProfile 7 0 R/Info(OFCOM. ISO 12647-2:2004 / Amd 1, Offset commercial and specialty printing according to ISO 12647-2, paper type 1 or 2 \(gloss or matte coated offset, 115 g/m2\), screen frequency 60/cm.)/OutputConditionIdentifier(FOGRA39)/RegistryName(http://www.color.org)/S/GTS_PDFX/Type/OutputIntent>>]


      How can I, based on this information, determine what the name of the ICC profile in the PDF/X output intent is? Adobe Acrobat's output preview tells me that is should say / find ''ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI)'.


      Thanks in advance.