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    Text Variables - Modification Date

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      I have InDesign files that I have added text variable - Modification Date.  These file have a date of lets say February 1, 2012.  These files will be inserted into product manuals, so when I insert these files they come in great but the modification date changes to the date that I inserted it into the document. This is not what I am wanting,

      I want it to stay the date that inserted file was modified on. Is there a way to get these date to stay the same as they are in the original without having to manually change?



         Thanks for your help...



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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          Uh, the very act of inserting the variable sets the modified date for that document because you modified it by doing so. After that, the date will only be affected by any further mods, but it has to start *somewhere*.


          There might be ways to circumvent it (e.g., a version of "touch" that's compatible with your OS) or fool it (changing your computer date), but if you really want to enter new text into an existing document that says it was last modified "30 January 1984", you are contradicting yourself (Just like a totally blank page that contains the text "This page is totally blank".)

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            HHud Level 1

            Yes it does set the date by inserting the variable set. The variable mod. date is in one Indesign file that I insert or place into another Indesign file. When I place that file the date updates or changes.


            The file that was place was not modified it was just placed in another Indesign file.