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    After Effects 6 on Windows 7

    alanmcsheehy Level 1

      I have just bought a brand new version of After Effects 6 (I know its old!), it works fine on my old Windows XP computer with 2GB Ram.


      I have also installed it on my Dell Laptop with Windows 7 (64 bit) with 8 GB Ram and it crashes a lot.


      I know from reading on forums its a big ask for AE6 to work on Windows 7 but can anyone give me some good tips to make it crash less.





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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I doubt you will get any deeper advice on this nor will there be any way to avid the crashes. It's simply not compatible - from the mere 64bit thing to font handling to graphics drivers and even newer versions of Quicktime no longer being compatible I can think of a million reasons why it would refuse to cooperate. So unless you can install an XP emulator/ virtual machine, I see no realistic way of using it. You should be glad it runs at all - I never had any luck to get any of those old versions to run on systems with Vista/ Win 7 for reasons of checking and converting legacy projects...