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    Censored Google image search results


      Wanted to sketch a little nude yesterday and happily I opened the Google search in order to get som references.

      So i entered "nude" in the search field.....but got no hits....


      Ehhh, this cant be right, right ?


      Tried the real Google just to be sure.

      Loooots of nudes there.


      So tried again in Touch.




      Tried "nud" and got some hits.


      What the heck...


      Is there some kind of filtering of search words or?

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          Luanne Seymour Adobe Employee

          Hi cwallentin,

          I'm checking out the answer for you. Stay tuned and one of us will get back to you. I just didn't want you to think that nobody saw this question.


          Thanks for your patience,


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            David__B Adobe Employee

            Hi cwallentin,


            Thank you for your patience. I did some checking and this is what I’ve found out. The Google search capabilities built into the app use the native Google strict filtering for legal reasons and to maintain the app content rating “Everyone”. This in combination with only showing images marked as available for “commercial reuse” will limit your results with certain searches.



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              cwallentin Level 1

              supposed it was something like that. would had been interesting to know what leagal reasons that makes it a problem to let it up to the user to set any filter. the comercial reuse filtering is more understandable as it can be turned of.


              well well.


              a god idea turning out to not be as god as it could.

              easy fixed by just running the real google and download from it instead.

              but that  also makes the google logo in the program feeling mostly annoying.

              anyway, thank for finding out.