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    setTimeout() method

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      Thats a beginner question:

      Is there setTimeout() & clearTimeout() javascript methods possible to use inside .jsx script with InDesign #targetengine "session"?


      I would like to start Indesign action if modification date of my specified .txt file is changed.

      For example in this way:


      1. Create window ("palette") with buttons "Start" and "Stop" with .onClick functions to setTimeout(myFunction(), interval) and clearTimeout();

      2. myFunction will check file.modified property and compare it with last changed;

      3. myScript will start if myFunction() say true;



      I found an example how to use this methods here: http://www.w3schools.com/js/js_timing.asp


      But that is all about inside http body. Has someone experience with this writing Indesign actions script?

      Or is it useless here?