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    Graph bug and seperate dimensions

    Jakob Wagner 2048 Level 1



      I'm experiencing a wird curve behavior in the graph editor on the timeline.


      I'm trying to animate the fold position on the CC Page Turn effect.


      When I insert a new keyframe, the curve between this and a previous keyframe gets a wierd sharp bumb on it. My guess is the the automatic position of the handles goes wrong.


      I have tried this before, and I usually fix it by seperating the dimensions, so that I can control the handles. Problem is, the fold position can not be seperated. The "Seperate dimensions" option is greyed out.


      I have three questions:


      1. Does anybody know of the graph bug and how to correct it?


      2. Is it possible to seperate the dimensions of the fold position?


      3. Is it possible to adjust the keyframe handles whith out seperating?



      Any help will be highly appreciated.

      Jakob Wagner