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    importing flv video in flash problem?


      hi everyone,

      im currently making a multimedia product for my A-Levels ICT ... and had an issue with importing a video into my product

      the video was converted to flv using flash media encoding and then i embeded it into timeline using the movie symbol.

      the only issue which i have now is thatl it doesnt have a skin e.g. i cant stop or play the video.


      I've tried creating buttons to stop and play it but they dont seem to work

      here is the code which i used


      play button


      play.onRelease =  function(){



      stop button


      stop.onRelease =  function(){


      i cant rely flash to access the video from a folder because it has to be sent to an exam board which means that they will only take the .swf file and nothing else so i have to make sure that the video is embeded into the multimedia product...

      also the video has sync issues with sound ( i know it gave me a warning about this when importing it into time line..) would it solve this if i have two seperate files? have one just a video and the other with sound... maybe import sound seperately?


      oh and would it be easy to create a seek bar aswell? noob guide please haha! im not good with flash cs5.5



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          adninjastrator Level 4

          Whoever set the criteria for this (embed the video in the timeline), is doing you a great dis-service. Or did you choose that?

          Embedding video in the timeline is full of problems and is not even recommended by Adobe. If it was your choice to use video like this and I was on the exam board, I'd seriously question if you really know what you are doing!

          That being said... you can usually sync the audio with the video by setting the Flash doc frame rate to exactly that of the original video. So for example, the frame rate for mini-DV video is 29.97 fps. So to import that into Flash, I would have to set the Flash doc frame rate to 29.97fps.

          As for a skin.... just design your own.. a picture frame on the top layer with a whole in the middle to let the video show thru.

          Controls will be timeline control buttons, not actually video player (FLVPlayback component) buttons.

          I think Kglad had a detailed explaination for something like this in the last couple weeks.... you can search for that. And:




          Since you've chosen the unconventional implementation of Flash video, it will take a little more hands on coding.... but that's a good thing!

          Best wishes,