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    [AS][CS4] Change print job name




      Does anyone know if it's possible to change the print job name using Applescript? Is there a "jobname" print property?

      I would like to add the page number to the print job name.




      Kind regards



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          Muppet Mark Level 5

          John, where are you seeing this print job name?

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            S Hopkins Adobe Community Professional



            There is a job name property that is part of the metadata preferences you can set for a file. To set metadata preferences, you can use the following snippet as a guide.


            set metaKeys to {"test", "metadata"}

            set metaURL to missing value --replacre missing value with your copyright info URL

            set mNotice to "Copyrighted 2012 myName"

            --establish value for job name here

            set mJobName to "MyJobName"

            set mAuthor to "Author Name"

            tell application "Adobe InDesign CS5"


              set docRef to document 1

              set docTitle to name of docRef

              tell metadata preferences of docRef

              set copyright notice to mNotice

              set copyright status to yes

              set document title to docTitle

              set author to mAuthor

                                          --here is where the job name is being set

              set job name to mJobName

              if metaKeys is not missing value then set keywords to metaKeys

              if metaURL is not missing value then set copyright info URL to metaURL

              end tell

              end try

            end tell


            Hope this helps.

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              JohnDevlon Level 1



              By "print job name" I mean the print job name as you can see in any print queue after the job is printed. By default, this is the document name. Currently I'm using a small script to the print a file page by page. Unfortunately, the name in the print queue stays the same. As a work around, I could open the file, print the first page, close the file, rename the file, open it again, print it, closed it again, rename it again, open it, etc...


              It would be faster if I could define a print job name.... Changing the job name in the meta info doesn't work.


              Does anyone know how I can do this using Applescript?


              Kind regards



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                Muppet Mark Level 5

                John, I don't thin it can be done directly from AppleScript… There used to be a Print Utility app but it was almost all r/o properties and it has been gone some time now… You may be able to to what you want from AppleScript's do shell script command… You should look at the man pages for lp