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    Should I keep my image size slightly larger for a better quality?


      I set my images at 60% quality JPG files out of photoshop which seems to give a very nice representation.

      I set up a site to take a full screen, so I expect it to be larger on a bigger screen then what I see on mine.

      I figured to keep every image actual size at about 25% bigger when the finlal needed size in the layout, so if the site is ever on the bigger screen then images have some stored resolution to be enlarged and accomodate an increase in size.

      So all of mine images are scaled at about 75%.


      Is it a good practise or things don't work this way in Flash?

      Perhaps it is better to keep the images to 100% (rather than importing intentially enlarges images) but make the maximum quality? Or both ways kind of work out?