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    Multiple Topics

      Our Web application consists of 5 main features, and users typically only have access to anywhere from 1 to 4 of those 5 feature sets. We only want a user to see topics that they have purchased (and have this all bundled into one help file.) The only way I see this happening is to create a RoboHelp project for each combination of features that they have purchased, this comes out to be 30. We also have 11 different languages, so now we're talking about 330 projects. So this is obviously a problem.
      Does anyone know how to make this work. The optimal solution would be passing a query string parameter that restricts what the user can see.

      Any thoughts ?

      Thanks in advance,

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          Welcome to our community, Daniel

          Talk to your web administrators as well as your developers. They should be able to provide a setup where the application knows which combination they have. Then enters the help for only what they have based on passing a password.

          I once conducted a class on RoboHelp where they had different "User Roles". The web admin was actually one of the class participants. He was able to play with password protecting or somehow configuring user privileges for a couple of the other participants so that the sections they would "see" basically disappeared from their view becuase of their role. Because WebHelp folders fell into these areas, they had no access to the topics within.

          Hopefully something there was helpful in some way... Rick