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    Mixing Topic & Index Keywords

      We recently converted old .hlp files to .chm. When we did the conversion, it created a mix of topic and index keywords. For some reason, when we generate, only the topic keywords show up in the .chm. Does anyone know how to get both keyword types to show up?
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          Pete Lees Level 2
          Hi, kfielder,

          Can you check your help project folder for one or more index (.hhk) files and verify that at least one of them contains the index keywords that you want to add to the help file? And that this .hhk file is the one that you specify in your CHM project settings and window definitions?

          If you open the project (.hhp) file in Notepad, you should find that the .hhk file is referenced in the OPTIONS section...

          Index file=Example.hhk

          ...and in the WINDOWS section:

          main=,"Example.hhc","Example.hhk", ...

          The same .hhk file would normally be referenced in both cases, but you do have the option to create multiple indexes and associate each one with a different window.

          It's necessary to create a binary index when including keywords from both the topic files and the .hhk file, but the fact that your topic keywords are showing up in the index suggests that you're already creating this.