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    Missing images - "XML structure element, not in layout"

    ddavis94 Level 1

      I'm putting together handouts for several classes, which largely consists of copying and pasting text from Microsoft Word into InDesign CS5. Images I am placing manually. After re-organizing some of my files, one of my documents is now missing 118 links to images. However, none of these images are actually in my document - in the Links panel, each image says:


      "XML structure element, not in layout"


      Here's a screenshot of my links panel:




      These images are not supposed to be in the document at all. Clicking "Go To Link" does nothing. Is it possible that copy and pasting text from Word could have also copied the images in the Word document as well, without actually placing them on the pages? They now seem to be stuck in some kind of InDesign limbo.


      The only way I was able to get rid of them was to delete elements from the XML structure panel, however this deletes the content from my pages, which is not exactly helpful. Is there some way to just remove all of the missing image links from my document? Many thanks for any help!