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    Depoly-to-web swf file size!!

    drewwenner1 Level 1



      im very new to flash catalyst and not the greatest at it.. I have a simple animated banner with no embeded fonts, all image files are externally linked, and i cant get the deploy-to-web swf file size below 53 kb, i need it to be under 50 kb for my client. any ideas?



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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          No. In fact, they overall size is much larger that just your basic swf. Flash Catalyst relys on the Flex Frameword, which if not cached on the user's computer, must also be downloaded.


          When creating banner ads, you can not use Flash Catalyst. You need to use Flash Professional. I also we venture to guess that the 50kb limit that your client ask for included all the assets.