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    motion presets, stage size, and defaults--help?



      I put a motion preset (zoom in 3D) on a movie symbol instance. It worked great--it zoomed in well, and the instance stayed at the center of the stage for the whole animation, which is what I wanted.


      I realized that I needed to change the stage size, for reasons I won't go into. I converted the stage measurement from pixels to inches, and resized it.


      Of course, all my graphics and instances were now off-center. In realigning and resizing everything, I discovered that my instance with the motion preset was no longer staying centered on the stage. It now travels in a right diagonal down to the bottom right corner of the stage when played. In fact, now anytime I use that particular preset on anything, in this file and in new ones, the same thing happens. It's like the preset has changed permanently on my computer and won't go back to the default.


      I've tried editing the path frame by frame, but that makes a mess. I've tried using the subselection tool to edit the path, but that's imprecise and not working well.


      Does anyone have any words of wisdom for me?

      As an aside, I loaded this particular file onto another laptop here at work that has Flash Pro too. Before I opened my file on this new computer, that motion preset worked fine. Now that I've opened this file in the new computer, that preset is messed up, even when I start a new file.


      I am really confused, and frustrated; I'd greatly appreciate any insight anyone could offer me.


      Thanks in advance!