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    Render Settings... Help!!


      Hi guys,


      I'm very new to After Effects and I'm having the following issues with settings;


      I'm using CS5 on a mac and I'm creating 15 second ads for tv screens. After a test .mp4 file the feedback is my ads are too big for the screen. I have designed at 1920 x 1080 and my render settings are H.246 and output to mp4.


      When I asked for the correct settings they replied:

      The format of your video is not correct. The correct format is:

      Container: .mp4

      Codec: Xvid

      Resolution: 1920 x 1080


      I can't figure out the problem. Any help would be REALLY appreciated!




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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          An MP4 file is a media container, like an AVI file or a Quicktime Movie.  Think of it as can, able to hold root beer, tomato juice, Budweiser (ugh!) or an energy drink.


          H.264 and Xvid are codecs, the media encoding/decoding schemes applied to media files in these containers.  They're the root beer, tomato juice, Budweiser (ugh!) and energy drinks in this metaphor.


          You have the H.264 codec on your Mac, but not the Xvid codec.  I don't have it on mine.  You may have to purchase it or find someone who has it and is willing to do the transcoding for you... in which case, Rendering a Quicktime Movie in the PNG codec (not the PNG image sequence) would be the way to go in AE.  It results in a lossless file for transcoding.


          (EDIT: AE is no good with Xvid.  You can read about it here.  You'll need a different application to transcode to Xvid.)


          Another thing to keep in mind:  if these spots are intended for BROADCAST television, you should be aware that stations still broadcast a 4x3 Standard Definition signal. Any station worth anything does this not by letterboxing the video, but by center-punching it.  Therefore, all significant titles & graphics in your spots must be kept within 4x3 Title Safe.