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    Opinions Please

    Daniel Pride Level 1

      I am working on a Flex Mobile app in Flex 4.6 written agains a php app written in functional php 4

      The service calls are hand written

      What would the advantages be to my employer if I switched to objects in Php?

      Thank you for your assistance in this discussion

      Dan Pride

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          Very difficult to say without knowing more.


          Flash does not care what happens on the server, only that the data is returned in the correct manner. Switching to using objects is purely a server-side issue.

          The obvious advantages would be that the code would be better architected, which in turn causes updates to it to be far easier, and hence faster and better for the employers pocket.


          One major issue with functional code is that you end up having a lack of code reuses and so your codebase grows out of control.


          My opinion: Switch!