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    PDF causes Robohelp 9 to crash

    namedujour Level 1

      Can you think of what elements might cause a PDF file to crash Robohelp every time I try to compile the help and publish?


      I downloaded an Excel calendar template from microsoft.com. The formulas update the dates in the month areas when you select the year from a dropdown menu. Nothing too fancy, but kind of cool.


      I rearranged the months around a little bit, used a custom font, and inserted the company logo.jpg. I set the print area to only print the calendar, NOT the dropdown, then saved it as a PDF. I uploaded it as a baggage file, and attached it to a topic. All is very normal. Then I compile and get an message telling me that Robohelp 9 encountered an error. When I click for more information, I get this - it goes on for days. I just copied the first page.




      So I closed down other software, made sure no PDF files displayed in the live version on the server I was publishing to, removed the custom font, deleted the image, and tried some other diddling, but nothing worked. When I remove that file, the project compiles just fine.


      Does anyone have any other thoughts? The next thing I'm going to do is try a different template, but I'm wondering if, after all my customization, I can still use this one somehow.



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          namedujour Level 1

          Update: I tried to save other Excel templates into PDFs directly from the Microsoft site without making any changes at all, then added them as baggage files and found that NONE of them compile if they're in a Robohelp project. I don't know if it's a Microsoft issue or a Robohelp issue, but it's out there.


          So, I did a screen shot of the calendar and created a .jpg, popped it into Word and saved it as a PDF that way. One does what one has to...