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    Getting data from LC PDF vs. getting data from LC HTML

    NathanDawson Level 1

      I've been rendering PDFs from LiveCycle and having the saved form data returned to my web server (not the LC server) as XML data. This has been working fine for a while. Recently I've started converting my PDFs to XDPs and rendering the XDPs as HTML. Now when the user clicks the "Save" button, instead of xml data I get a bunch of POST data. One of the fields is called "FSAPPLICATIONDATA_". Once I base 64 decode and gunzip this field, I get the XML data. Unlike the XML data that I get from a LC PDF, this XML doesn't have the field data that the user entered in it. The POST data contains the user-entered data in separate fields. What I really need, however, is what I was getting from the LC PDFs: the complete XML with the newly-entered form data in it.


      Any idea how I can get this? Do I need to submit the HTML form to LC and have it give me the complete XML or something?


      - Nathan Dawson