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    Getting data from LC PDF vs. getting data from LC HTML


      I've been rendering PDFs from LiveCycle and having the saved form data returned to my web server (not the LC server) as XML data. This has been working fine for a while. Recently I've started converting my PDFs to XDPs and rendering the XDPs as HTML. Now when the user clicks the "Save" button, instead of xml data I get a bunch of POST data. One of the fields is called "FSAPPLICATIONDATA_". Once I base 64 decode and gunzip this field, I get the XML data. Unlike the XML data that I get from a LC PDF, this XML doesn't have the field data that the user entered in it. The POST data contains the user-entered data in separate fields. What I really need, however, is what I was getting from the LC PDFs: the complete XML with the newly-entered form data in it.


      Any idea how I can get this? Do I need to submit the HTML form to LC and have it give me the complete XML or something?


      - Nathan Dawson