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    Printing Problems with Elements 8.0 and EXIF time data

    Miceal Zimmer Level 1

      I've been using Premiere Elements 8.0 in Windows XP Professional for a couple of years with no problems. I shoot mostly in JPEG. I've always imported my images using a card reader (the same one). About a year ago suddenly I ran into printing issues. When I imported my images and tried to print them Elements crashed just at the point where it should begin the actual printing.  By chance I discovered that if I adjusted the time EXIF on the images in Elements by either hours or days, back or forward and adjusted them back to the original time/date the problem disappeared. If I had shot in RAW and edited these images there were no problems with the resultant JPEG.


      I noted the discussions about Elements changing the time in the EXIF and checked for this but this hadn't happened. The EXIF in camera and in Elements were the same. I also checked this against the time settigs of the camera and they were the same. I shoot with a Nikon D300.


      I backed up my images and did a complete re-format of my computer so that it was back to its ex-factory settings, re-installed Elements, restored my catalog from the backup and the problem still arose. I'm reluctant to upgrade to Elements 10 until I (hopefully) I find out  if (a) anyone else has the same problem; and (b) if anyone who had it has fixed it.


      Any ideas would be very welcome.