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    Urgent: DVtapes recorded in DVCAM format 50i, 32k audio) - capture settings required?

    Travis Rooney

      Hi guys.


      I hope you can help.


      I have several DV TAPES (wedding footage. long story and the videographer is not assisting me  i am editing my own video) I need to digitise this. I have tried a few settings in adobe premiere, but i'm not sure if the quality of the video is correct, it looks a bit blurry and not as sharp as it could be, especially in low light scenes.  i'm not sure if this is due to poor shooting or if its something i am not doing right...so i need your help..



      i have a sony z1 camera on loan  for this weekend and in the view finder, it states DVCAM 50I and 32k audio. (f1.6  / 3db)


      in adobe premiere, there is no option of DVCAM, but "DV PAL standard 32k"  and "DVD PAL Widescreen. 32k"..i'm trying to work out the best setting use. i also have 'main concept package' installed too which gives me other possible options..


      I want to digitise it properly, so i can start editing..


      i hope you can assist...


      thank you