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    Transcoding Error Premiere Elements 10


      I would like to start by saying what a great forum this is, I am so glad I found it. The information here is...well, a little overwhelming at first.

      I am new to elements 10,  three weeks ago. I am trying to create a slide show of mainly stills (4320x3240) and a couple of clips (1280x720). I have a blueray player so to maximize the quality of stills on the tv I would like to output to Share/Disc/AVCHD and burn to a DVD disc. I start the project with the preset of NTSC/AVCHD/1920 x 1080 because the pixel size is square as I believe my pics are. I have taken Bill Hunt's recommendations to heart and resized my pics to 1080 tall, which will make them 1440 wide. The reason I don't use the 1440 x 1080 preset is because it is not square pixels. Is this correct?

      The problem I am having is once the project gets larger, 50 stills, 2 short clips, transitions, titles, etc. I end up getting a "Transcoding error" while trying to burn it to a DVD. When I try to burn a smaller project half that size, it completes fine and I have the best looking pictures on my TV. Is the transcoding error possibly caused by lack of system resources or is there something else I am doing completely wrong? My system meets and slightly exceeds the recommended specs for Premiere Elements 10.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If you're outputting to a DVD, your final video will not be hi-def. It will be 720x480.


          What model of camera or camcorder is your 1280x720 video coming from? You'll want to set your project up to match that video format, so you'll need to know what model of camcorder it's coming from.


          NEVER use photos larger than 2000x1500 in a video project. Because your video is ultimately going to be a DVD, you should not use photos larger than 1000x750 pixels in size. Those massive photos you're using are the reason why you're getting memory overload error codes.


          If you'd like more information on all of these kinds of things, you should check out my books.



          Or at the very least, my free 8 part Basic Training tutorials.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As Steve says, Scale the Still Images, prior to Import. The quality will be better, if you use a program, like Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements. This ARTICLE goes into more detail, plus will tell you how to use Actions, and Automate To>Batch, to Scale entire folders, almost instantly.


            With HD-lite material, going to SD, there are some choices, and also compromises, that will need to be made. The choice of workflow might depend on how one likes to work, and possibly on some testing.


            1. One workflow would be to edit the HD-lite material in a Project, that matches perfectly, and then Export/Share to DV-AVI. One would then create a New Project for DV SD, Import that material into it, along with your Still Images Scaled to the DV SD Project. This leaves ALL Still Image Scaling to PS/PSE, and the quality WILL be better. The downside is that your HD-lite material will be down-rezzed, but that will have to happen somewhere, so PrE is not a bad place to do it. The Projects will also edit smoothly.
            2. Another, and a variation on # 1 would be to follow the guidelines in this TUTORIAL on down-rezzing from HD to SD, by Jeff Bellune.
            3. A third workflow would be to create an HD Project, that matches your Source Footage, and also to Scale the Still Images to match THAT Frame Size. Edit, as is needed, then output to DV-AVI for the SD/DVD material. Then, one would create a New Project, for DV SD, and Import that DV-AVI into it, for any touch-up, and the final authoring to DVD-Video. The downside to this method is that one would be letteing PrE do the down-rezzing of the Still Images too, and PS/PSE is much better suited.


            Good luck, and welcome to the forum.



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              woodygs Level 1

              Thank you Steve and Bill for your responses. I guess what I am trying to achieve may not be supported. From Adobe TV the clip “Get HD Quality on Standard DVDs” found here  http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-premiere-elements-10/get-hd-quality-on-standard-dvds-/

              I realize they are using mts files to burn to an AVCHD disc. This is likely my problem since my clip is a mpeg4. But I have achieved this to work on a smaller slide show and I have achieved success if I just use my stills. The quality is HD, far better than using the share/disc/dvd choices. I am trying not to settle for DVD resolution for the still pics and by using the AVCHD disc choice I am VERY happy with the pictures played on the plasma TV.

              Following your ideas Bill with resizing pictures outside of Premiere (I used elements) saving as a PSD has really helped. I guess I must settle for a slide show of just stills and make a separate DVD with the motion clips on it. I have great resolution on the clips just using the HDV 720 preset, just not happy with the stills at that preset.

              This forum is great. There is just so much information here thanks to you Steve and Bill and other like you.

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                woodygs Level 1

                Thank you also Steve for the link to muvipix. Lots of great information there.

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                  woodygs Level 1

                  Hi Steve.


                  I watched your training video #3 for Premiere 10 on the muvipix website. If you burn share/disc/AVCHD to a DVD disc, do you not get HD on the DVD disc? The result sure looks better than 720x480 using the share/burn/dvd. I have now resized my images to 1080 tall using elements and saving to a PSD file and have not had the transcoding error again. The resulting slideshow was finally great.