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    Tag people with XMP ?

    Gregory97 Community Member


      I don't know if it's the good place to ask for that.

      I would like to know if a feature to tag people on a picture is provided in XMP ? I mean something like Facebook does. You point someone with your cursor, enter his name to identify him. Then when the tagging is done, when the mouse is over that person, you get an arrow with his name below (see my example as joined piece).

      XMP could be able to stock the X and Y axes where the faces of the people are on the picture and make a connection between that point and a "label" (the name of the person).

      Is it something planned for it in XMP ? Or may I do a feature request somewhere ?

      It's a really useful feature that everyone could use. Social networks could also use those embeded informations to tag people automatically. Personnaly, I need it to tag people on my personnal photos library.

      Thank you for your help.