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    javahelp display issues (RH2002 to RH9 upgrade)




      First of all, this forum has been a godsend as instalation was a nightmare. Thank you.


      Here's my latest issue...


      Compiled javahelp looks fine in the local viewer, but not after delivery (when opened through my product's Help menu). It doesn't honor the style sheet. (I'm using my own, not RHStyleMapping).


      My Arial fonts display as Times New Roman, "<<" marks display at line breaks, some of my headings are teeny tiny (yep, that's the technical term ), etc.


      Steps to recreate:

      1. First time use in RH9: opened project by d-clicking the .mpj file (RH2002) and letting RH9 run through the upgrade process.
      2. In Project Settings dialog, I selected javahelp as my primary output and my customized style sheet as CSS for Style Mapping.
      3. Generated compressed javahelp with source files using JH 2.0
      4. Confirmed .css file is in compressed jar.


      I upgraded my java tools when I upgraded Robohelp

      (to jh2.0 and jdk 1.5.0_06)


      Any suggestions?