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    Blank Project after reloading footage



      I have been working on a motion graphic project in After Effects CS5.5. I created some of the graphics in Illustrator and imported the footage into After Effects. I took a couple days away from the project and during that time I re-organized my folders so that it made more sense. When I re-opened the project to work on it, the keyframing and all the layers were still there but with some missing files or links to files due to the re-organization it could find the correct path to the footage. I reloaded the files back into the project but the project is still blank. All I get is a black screen and no animation. What is weird to me is that I have a triangle that bounces across the screen and i know i used a shape layer for to create that so it should have anything to do with the unlinked files, and i still don't see that either. Please Help????