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    move tool options

    rtnetkrlmyr 5

      i must be doing smething very wrong. Im trying to copy wih special transform (guitar frets) and this has led me for some reason to try and find move tool options which i though was double clickig the move tool icon in the tool box but this doesnt work on lion.?? am i doing thois wrong??


      so where are the move tool option in lion and how do i get to them


      what other gems of destruction have apple and adobe managed to come up with??  i noticed we are missing lighting effects too.. nice one Steve


      cheers for any help


      rtnetkrimyr 5

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          I don't recall ever being able to double click the Move Tool and get any options.  You sure you're not remembering a different app?


          In Photoshop the tool options are up near the top of the main window, in the options area.



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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            The OP mentions 'Special Transform', so may be talking about the Free Transform options.  There is a check box for 'Show transform options' in the Options bar when the move tool is selected, which brings up the FT handles.  If you nudge one of the handles FT becomes active, and you can right click to shaow the FT options.