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    sticky/jerky video capture


      Hi to the folks out there,


      I've recently bought a HP Pro book 6560b primarily as it still has a firewire port so I can still transfer video from my Legria HV40.  I have installed Premiere 5.5. but when I try to capture the video I get jerky pictures with a frame or so 'sticking'.  This seems to happen in conjunction with a sound like a burrrp/buzz.  This noise is very evident when playing a Youtube video and am wondering whether it's interfering with something else/program I'm not aware of?


      I have changed the firewire driver to the 'OHCI compliant host controller (Legacy) as suggested on another site, rolled back the audio driver 'IDT high definition codec' to a previous version all to no avail.


      I've used HDVsplit to transfer the video and it still happens though not as badly as with Premiere, which makes me think it's something else on the laptop?


      I'm sure it's NOT my camera as I can capture video to my desktopPC  that runs XP. In anticipation of the next question "why don't I capture using my desktop PC and then transfer the footage to my laptop?" Answer - It's at home and I work abroad hence I have the laptop to save space.


      The video runs smooth as silk via the camera viewfinder.  Any ideas, suggestions, solutions will be most gratefully received.


      I'm running windows 7 professional, 64bit with SP1 on a HP Probook 6560b, Intel (R) Core TM i5 2410M CPU@2.30GHz 2.3GHz with 4gigs of RAM.


      Thanks in anticipation



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          Zeno Bokor Level 6

          The Community Help forum is for dealing with problems found in the Community Help Client and not for troubleshooting the various Creative Suite applications it serves so I'm moving this thread to the Premiere forum.

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Capturing is quite different from 'stickyness' when playing the timeline. So where is the problem?


            Capturing on this laptop should be OK.


            Playing a timeline is likely a major problem for several reasons:


            • Have you let the indexing, conforming and creation of peak files allowed to finish before starting the edit?
            • Do you have two different physical 7200 RPM (e)SATA disks? If not then that is a major handicap and below minimum requirements.
            • The CPU lacks hyperthreading and is a bottleneck, although HDV is not a difficult codec, so it may suffice.
            • 4 GB is the absolute minimum. Increasing that to 8 or even 16 GB will show a significant preformance boost.
            • The screen resolution does not meet minimum requirements, so you have to work 'in-the-blind'.
            • The integrated graphics is not an advantage.


            This laptop is below a number of minimum requirements and therefore not suitable for editing even an easy codec such as HDV. See Adobe Forums: System requirements for CS5