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    Premiere Elements is not recognizing my file as a "movie"


      I'm using Premiere Elements 9 in Windows 7.  I have several media files on my hard drive that are AVCHD Video (.m2ts).  Each are roughly the same size (about 10GB), they have video and audio, and they play fine in Windows Media Player.  When I add them to my Premiere Elements project, sometimes Elements recognizes some files as movies and others as videos (i.e. they have no sound if you play them in Premiere).  It is quite random -- the media files I'm using are very similar and were created the same way.


      I also have the same issue with Movie Clip files (.mpg).  I have a bunch of these on my hard drive that were created the same way, but when I add them to my project, Premiere Elements treats some of them as movies and others as videos.


      All of them should be recognized as movies.  I've banging my head at this issue, as I keep trying to add, clear, re-add media to my project in all sorts of combinations, trying to guess how Premiere is going to treat each file.  And I haven't even placed any of these on the timeline yet!!!!


      Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.  Adobe has been unreachable on this issue.