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    Scatter Tool - How to disable the Streaks/Particles?




      I want to use the Scatter tool to make a Text to explode. There is an option in the scatter menu, called "pattern" Here you can choose the composition layer (e.g. the text layer) instead of the standard bricks pattern. If I set the text layer instead of the useless standard bricks, then there are generated little streaks/particles at the beginning of the explosion! I want to get rid of those particles, because I need to play the explosion backwards (reverse time), because I want to make the letters rising slowly from the corner to the middle.


      Actually, I do exactly this tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yz9F2knp1f4

      But in this tutorial, there are NO any particles. I don't get it why? I use the same version, Adobe AFX CS4. Even tried it with CS5


      Thx for any help!