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    Downloading a disc/find a missing file.


      I am trying to install a disc in Premire Elements. I go through the process to download however all I get is "This file already exists". But --- I can't find it. I tried a search but no dice. I may have installed it a few years ago hoever it dosen't exist now. How do I get the disc to install or find the missing file?

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          nealeh Level 5

          What do you mean by install a disc IN Premiere Elements?

          What file are you trying to download and where are you downloading it from?





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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            >install a disc - process to download


            I am confused... are you trying to install software, or download a file from the Internet?


            Are you trying to install software, or copy a video file from "outside" your computer to a folder on your data drive?

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              nickscam Level 1

              I have the Premiere Elements 9 installed on my computer. What I am trying to do is download a DVD disc of some home movies to the Elements 9. I want to edit the movies, put a title page and burn it to another DVD disc. When I try to download the DVD I get a message that says: "Error file already exists". However I cannot find the file that the Elements 9 program says exists and I cannot download the movies onto the Elements 9 program.

              Thanks for your response.






              Nick Scambilis

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                VDOSurfer Level 3

                The file must be in PrE9, if it says so. All we have to do is find it. Try one of these:

                1. How did you import the videos the first time? The last import should have happened to some location on your hard disk. If you had done this from PrE, the video importer does this for you. Launch that again (Get Media -> DVD Camcorder) and see the path mentioned there. If you did not change anything it should be the Default Videos location in Windows (C:\Users\<username>\Videos). Go here and see if the video is there. It sohould be....

                2. You should see a set of 3 icons in the Organize bar. What they do is display "Images", display "Videos", display "Audio" assets only. Click on them to see if your video is being shown or not

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  Let's step back a bit.


                  Is this DVD a DVD-Video (plays in a DVD player, hooked to a TV, or on the computer via DVD software), or DVD-Data, with AV files on it?


                  Either way, I would Copy the contents of that DVD to the computer. The difference will be that if it's a DVD-Video, it will have a VIDEO_TS folder, with IFO, BUP and VOB files inside, but if a DVD-Data, it will have the AV files as discrete viles.


                  Once you have Copied the contents, if it's from a DVD-Video, you would Import the VOB's into a PrE Project.* If it's a DVD-Data, you would Import those individual AV files into the PrE Project **


                  Good luck,




                  * If the DVD-Video was created, so that it is 100% DVD-compliant, then the VOB's should Import just fine. If it was NOT created to be 100% DVD-compliant, then there could be issues, and primarily with the first VOB. See this ARTICLE for more info.


                  ** If the AV files are of a format, and CODEC, that PrE can Import, they should be fine. If not, then see this ARTICLE.