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    Indesign CS 5.5 can't find fonts (..from User Folder, OSX 10.6.8)


      Hello there,


      Indesign CS5 can't find any font that is located in my User folder. (MacintoshHD > User > library > fonts).
      The problem is only in OSX 10.6.x and CS 5.
      Also installed CS3 has no problems to find the already installed fonts.

      And on a second Hardrive I've also System 10.5.x. INDESIGN both Versions have no problems to find the fonts in that system.


      Only the Combination from CS5 and OSX 10.6.x has that problem.

      Some Tricks already posted here, for example to put the missing fonts in the main structure  (MacintoshHD > library > fonts) works,
      also if creating a special »Document Fonts« file in the same folder, whre the problem documents are located.


      BUT: This is all just a temporary solution. It doesn't solve the main problem.


      Maybe it's, because the 10.6.x ist a upgrade from a 10.5.x TimeMashine Backup with the CreativeSuite already installed.
      So maybe I should install all the CS5 stuff new?


      Or is it a problem with the Login Structure?  I'm the only person working on my machine. So I'm logged with full Name and as »admin«.
      My User-Folder with my special preferences and fonts is named with another name (my nickname).


      I'm not such a Computerfreak…and don't know if that does means anything. No problems at all with that since years.


      Thanks for any good idea




      Message was edited by: camino07  Hi, Now, I've uninstalled CS5, delete fontcaches, restart computer an install CS5 complete again. But it's still the same. CS5 can't find the fonts. One special thing I have to add: One font, placed in the »Users > fontfolder, it finds the »regular « font style but not the »bold«. It's an »TT« font suitcase. (EngraversOldEnglish). Any ideas?