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    Possible to access existing PrE 8 projects with new full PrE 10 install?




      The functionality of my PrE 8 has deteriorated to the point it where it will barely run without crashing. When I first started using it last spring, it never crashed but now crashes repeatedly, usually at the end of a few hours of work (auto save every 5 minutes but somehow that doesn't work either). I suspect memory leaks (low resources-how can this program need 3 or 4 GB to run?) amongst many other problems. I have all updates and a video driver that Sony VAIO says is current.


      I have numerous projects that I really need to complete so rather than spend countless hours chasing down all the possible fixes, I'm just going to surrender, give Adobe the ransome, and get PrE 10 and hope it's better, which seems doubtful.


      I got my computer used with PrE 8 already installed but have no disks or serial number so that seems to preclude upgrading. After searching, it looks like not a problem to install a new full PrE 10 alongside my existing PrE 8 but I'm still unclear on if I will be able to access any of my projects in progress with PrE 8. Is there a way to save them or export them? Is the 64 bit PrE 10 going to be incompatible with my 32 bit PrE 8 projects?


      If I won't be able to somehow access my exising projects and have to start over, that will be a big deterrent to getting PrE 10. I really think the 64 bit PrE 10 will make more efficient use of my system resources, but if I'm going to have to start over, I think the 32 bit Sony Movie Sudio would probably run better on this computer or maybe even the Cyberlink 64 bit will be better.


      I have a Canon Vixia HF S20 AVCHD which records mt2s files and I want to shoot in 24fps. I want to export to Blu-ray and DVD. My computer is a Sony VAIO F13 series with an I7 quad core, 6 GB built-in, 500GB drive, Windows 7 Home Premium.


      Thanks in advance and any info is appreciated.

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          nealeh Level 5

          You can have and use both versions installed, there is no overlap. Generally the advice is to complete projects in the version they were created in and, when necessary export them to DV/HDV to load to the newer version as a source file.


          Some people do report that they have had success opening old projects from an earlier version so try it: BUTTTTTT....


          Do it on a copy. From PRE8 do a 'save as' and use that copy in PRE10. Once you open a project in PRE10, PRE8 will no longer be able to use it.


          Before upgrading though check your current PC configuration. It may be that you no longer have enough free defragmented disk space available for PRE8 to work in. Do a disk cleanup and, provided your happy the PC is working OK, delete all but the latest restore point. Also download and run CCleaner. After all that, defragment the drive and see if things have improved.





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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            The older Projects may, or may not Open in PrE 10. Much will depend on the complexity of the Projects, themselves. Only a test of the Projects will tell you whether they Open fine, with no problems.


            I would work from Copies of the PREL files, just to make sure that the earlier versions' PREL's are safe.


            Now, if you are having problems with PrE 8, it could well be that you will have the same issues with PrE 10, though most users DO find PrE 10 to be more stable, and especially than PrE 8, which was not a "revered" version.


            This ARTICLE might be useful in helping sort out the problems with PrE 8, and would also be worthwhile keeping around, just in case you also encounter issues with it. That article starts with a checklist of things to get PrE to work best, then goes into OS and system tuneup tips, and finally lists many links for troubleshooting, working up in "degree of difficulty."


            Good luck,



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              unboundedlight Level 1

              Thanks so much for the replies and the helpful info. I will attempt your suggestions right away.


              Best regards,