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    How do I minimize an image to a tab  in CS5?


      In my CS3 when I minimized a window while working in Photoshop it would minimize it to a tab at the bottom of the photoshop window.  Now in CS5 it minimizes it to a tab on my MS Windows toolbar instead.  Is there any way to have them once again minimize to a tab within the photoshop application?  Thanks       

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Nope.  In windowed view that's just the way it works now.  It takes advantage of the new Windows features, such as Taskbar Live Previews.


          Note that if you use Tabbed view (opposed to opening new documents in windows) you will find that it does not do this, but that the tabs all remain on the display and you can move through them.


          Switching from windowed view to tabbed view takes some getting used to.  I was once a die-hard windowed view user, then was forced to use tabbed view for a while to work around a plug-in bug.  I found it grew on me.  I suggest you try it for a while.