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    How does one define a default style for a custom Flex component?


      How does one define a default style for a custom Flex component?




      I created a new set of Flex component library slib.swc (Flex 4.5). Would also like to have a default style. defaults.css file, making it the default style of the component library.


      Like flex the builder install directory of sdks \ 4.5.0 \ frameworks out \ libs directory has a spark.swc file, open with Winrar will see defaults.css this file. Defaults.css file defines the default style of the flex spark components.


      How can it be achieved?




      As follows



      slib.swc contains a CLabelEx components, and a defaults.css file


      defaults.css source file as follows:


      @ namespace s "library :/ / ns.adobe.com / flex / spark";

      @ namespace mx "library :/ / ns.adobe.com / flex / mx";

      @ namespace cn "http://os.slib.cn";


      cn | CLabelEx


              styBackgroundAlpha: 1;

              styBackgroundColor: # 569CC0;

              styBorderAlpha: 1;

              styBorderColor: # 569CC0;

              styBorderWeight: 1;

              styCornerRadius: 3;



      In slib.swc the application MyLabel.mxml of the source file as follows:

      <? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"?>

      <s: Application, the xmlns: fx = "http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009

                                 xmlns: s = "library :/ / ns.adobe.com / flex / spark"

                                 xmlns: mx = "library :/ / ns.adobe.com / flex / mx"

                                 xmlns: cn = "http://os.slib.cn

                                 the minWidth = "955" The minHeight = "600">


              </ fxeclarations>

              <cn:CLabelEx x="67" y="112"/>

      </ s: Application>


      I hope CLabelEx default use cn | CLabelEx, style to display its appearance.

      I refer to above approach, but failed to achieve. Can you please re-Detailed