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    Page numbers on ALL pages

    O_Krey Level 1

      I'm trying to insert page numbers on ALL pages in a document in InDesign CS4. But I can only get page numbers to the page 74? This is so annoying, and it's due on monday, and I'm running out of time. Can anybody tell me, short and easy, how I can get page numbers on every page in my document? (Besides the front page - but I know how to not get the page number there.)




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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          Huh? Simply put, you place the page number marker in a text frame on your master page(s), and you ensure that one of those master pages is applied to all pages where you want a page number.


          Is that what you've done? What is not working? Is it page 74 and higher that is a problem? Just page 74?

          Does page 74 use a different master page that doesn't have the page number marker?

          Or is your document corrupt? [Did you try exporting to IDML or INX and re-opening the export?]

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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Or is the text frame of your page number marker obscured by other objects? Then put that text frame on a separate layer and make sure that this layer is on top  of all other layers.