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    How to create mobile version of site that links to google map/driving directions?

    garynng Level 1

      I am in a DW class and had this idea to create a site that would link to google maps and give you driving instructions to points of interest.  The mobile site might look something like this:


      1. Start Page "Take a tour of the area" - it would need to get the gps coordinates of where you are.
      2. Drive to first destination - using turn by turn directions
      3. When you arrive, a screen that tells you about the destination
      4. Drive to next destination... repeat, etc.


      How insanely hard is it to do something like this?  My skil levels are pretty good and I am not afraid to try new things, but I also don't want to crash the project by taking on a task that is way above the skills of a college level advanced class.


      Thanks, as always!