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    A distributor asks about E_LIC_NO_DISTRIBUTION_RIGHTS




      In other forum questions about the error message E_LIC_NO_DISTRIBUTION_RIGHTS, the answer is that it's a config problem with the distributor.


      I'm a distributor. I have a subdomain site on which we distribute free ACS ebooks. We will soon be selling ACS ebooks on our new main site. To prepare for launch of the new site, I created a new distributor in ACS. The Distributor URL I've used for the time being is [domain]/ecommerce/store. On launch of the new site, our server will point to the new site within the /ecommerce/ directory. The Distributor URL will thus change (presumably) to [domain]/store.


      However, in testing the site, I tried to download an ebook and got the E_LIC_NO_DISTRIBUTION_RIGHTS error message.


      Any help/insight would be appreciated on two points:


      * On launch of the new site, do I change the Distributor URL to [domain]/store (and then refresh inventory)?


      * Is there something I should change in the new Distributor profile I created? Or is this something that I should talk to my ACS vendor about? (E.g., does the new Distributor URL have to be added somewhere other than in my installation of ACS?) Or...?




      Jim Lyons