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    HELP! Video Exporting Problem!



      I'm a new PrElements 10 user, and I am on deadline and need some help, thanks! I'm new to video so talk any help getting me through this is appreciated.

      Here's the description of the project:

      ++ I'm making a cartoon video and am using CS5 with Premiere Elements 5.

      ++ It is for internet use: website, social media, YouTube.

      ++ I'm by importing jpegs made from .ai files in CS5. I'm not NOT shooting video or importing video into the project.

      ++ I'm giving the jpegs the appearance of animation by treating them through the use of FX, transitions, etc. I'm not using AfterEffects, so I cannot create animations that way.

      ++ The .ai files are sized in widescreen 16:9 at pixel size 800 x 450.

      ++ The jpegs were exported from these files with the resolution settings: 5 and 425 ppi.

      I mocked up a short video using some of the jpegs to make sure the settings were right before I did the whole project. Here are the problems I'm having:

      1.) the exported video is not showing in Widescreen. The video is goes all the way to the top and bottom of the screen but the ends are squashed in so the content and characters are distorted to appear taller and thinner than they should.

      2.) when i change the export settings, some of them correct the problem and some of them don't. This export preset works to get it into Widescreen but the file size is huge:  "MP4-H264 1920*1080p 24".

      3. Which brings me to compression. Does PrE have compression to resolve this issue- is it in one of the presets- what compression should I be using? Or do I have to buy a compression program? If so, what do you recommend?

      4.) Project Set-up: Is this where I went wrong? Which preset should I be using for this jpeg-driven project? How does that Project Preset affect the input settings and output settings? And should I be using jpegs or tiffs or native .ai files???

      5) My project preset is HD 1080i. Is this present affecting this exporting result?




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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I am very confused


          >new PrElements 10 user - CS5 with Premiere Elements 5


          Just EXACTLY what are you using... Premiere Elments 10 or the very old version 5 or Premiere Pro CS5???


          >importing jpegs



          Photo Scaling for Video http://forums.adobe.com/thread/450798

          -Too Large May = Crash http://forums.adobe.com/thread/879967


          >ai files are sized in widescreen 16:9 at pixel size 800 x 450

          >project preset is HD 1080i


          I will GUESS you need an SD Widescreen project

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            There is something wrong with your Premiere Elements version number. There was no Premiere Elements 5. It skipped from PrE 4.0 to PrE 7.0, to bring it up to version number with Photoshop Elements.


            Which part of CS 5 are you using, Photoshop CS 5?


            For Still Images to Video, you will first want to Scale the Images to the Frame Size of the Video Project, in Photoshop. That will maintain quality, and also reduce computer processing overhead. John T. has furnished a link on Scaling, that goes into a lot more detail.


            Now, if you ONLY had Still Images (no Video), and wanted HD (High Def) output, you could just choose 1920 x 1080, and Scale to that. However, if DO have Video, you will want a Project Preset that matches the Video's specs., and then Scale the Still Images to that Frame Size.


            If you ONLY had Still Images, and wanted to do SD (Standard Definition) in Widescreen, you would create a DV Widescreen Project, and Scale the Still Images to match that Project's Frame Size, say 720 x 480, if you are in NTSC-land. If you have any Video, then the same suggestion, as above, comes into play.


            Now, File Size is mostly dependent on Bit-Rate (translates to higher quality), and Duration (the RunTime of the Timeline/Project). Getting good quality vs File Size is a real balancing act.


            Though written more for Premiere Pro, this Adobe FAQ Entry will tell you a bunch about output settings. Note: in PrPro, output is still called Export. As of PrElements 7, everything is now under the Share Tab.


            If you are new to PrE, this partial list of RESOURCES might be very helpful.


            Good luck,