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    Premiere elements 10 crashes when saving as DVD or DVD folder, etc.


      Hi [me again!]


      While awaiting resolution for PRE7 and PE7 'registered' licence 'not accepted' problems, my other Premiere elements 10 crashes when saving a Project as DVD 4.7Gb folder or direct to DVD or 'any other DVD way'.


      The repeated windows error report I get is this:


      Problem signature:

        Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH

        Application Name:    Adobe Premiere Elements.exe

        Application Version:

        Application Timestamp:    4e791009

        Fault Module Name:    wdmaud.drv

        Fault Module Version:    6.1.7601.17514

        Fault Module Timestamp:    4ce7c9f8

        Exception Code:    c0000005

        Exception Offset:    000000000000f827

        OS Version:    6.1.7601.

        Locale ID:    2057

        Additional Information 1:    c1eb

        Additional Information 2:    c1eb94943c7b4efb7ee314d92a94924b

        Additional Information 3:    7d3f

        Additional Information 4:    7d3fe30533dcbba28d68d00b60422c7b



      In the meantime I am evaluating the 'cheaper' and without installing / working / DVD problems and possibly send Adobe discs back for full refund.


      My Laptop is fast enough and well kept - not other 'larger' programmes have any problems running or installing [Stenberg Cubase Pro, Flight Simulator X and so on] only Adobe programmes!


      I am really getting tired now.




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You've got so many things going on that it's hard to tell what kind of help you're looking for and for which product.


          But if your issue is that you can't burn a DVD, please work through our DVD burning troubleshooting steps.



          If you'll post your results in as much detail as possible for each step, we can usually diagnose the problem and recommend solutions or workarounds.

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            mobon Level 1


            All problems are carefully separated - not all together, since I am a tidy person by default.


            It is very simple and not confusing.


            I actually have one main issue with PE7 and PPE7 [which I hope they will care of] and a series of small teething problems as many in these forums have on Premiere 10 since installation because Adobe programmes have 'basic' problems even loading / reading/ converting its own created files.


            I looked up for Premiere Elements problems on-line [on external forums] and I can see so many problems and people opting for alternative programmes or getting 2 or 3 different programmes to do the job faster and better - that confirms my thoughts.


            I am not here to stir things up [if by any chance you are thinking that], but I am merely trying to use a PAID and SUPPOSED to be GREAT program and it is clearly not my friend.

            But if I get pushed up around and treated like a non-in-the-computer-field-person, then I might 'need to' stir things up with 'proves'!


            I have been working with computers Hardware and Software since 1975 with the Sir Sinclair Spectrum .


            So, I do know one thing or two by working 'manually' and without the 'easy' mouse clicking [!] and my main job these days is to actually fix People's messed up computers, recover data, erase data, etc. and often I find either Apple's or Adobe's programmes not working properly [being the main problem on slower computers] and users tried to fix them and messed things up!


            Mainly is Apple programmes [ iTunes is one!] on Windows environment - just pure mess.


            In fact I do not keep ANY Apple Programs on ANY my computers any-more and by adding the blooming QuickTime - it actually adds 3 'mostly not needed' applications that must be run in the background only slowing down 'most standard' computers and 'mostly' for no apparent reason but needed by Premiere Elements 10.


            Adobe Acrobat Reader too is a kind of an offender in that sense, which I do not use any-more in favour of an alternative and very light program that does not invade your computer.

            I could be talking about the above for days ...


            The fact I do not know Premiere 10 very well and I am having some teething problems with 'Adobe Premiere Elements 10' does not make me a lower being or anything to the like or even put me aside the forums for being realistic and a human being most of all.


            I simply am an  Intermediate / Advanced / Professional Computer User / Repairer [depending on which subject] trying to fix this non-working-properly Adobe's program and get on with his life.


            You as an employee perfectly know what I am talking about, the Adobe numerous problems with Elements and pro and the clever Marketing and money making tool Adobe has created around it and I do understand you must keep Adobe's side - of course and that is not a problem at all.




            Having said that, in the meantime I seem to have solved it myself [as I do most of the time], at least for now.

            I am sure many other problems will arise.


            My Solution that worked:

            I simply clicked on the time-line [bottom] and then clicked on top menu TIME-LINE [if I am not wrong, it was late night and I might be wrong - do not crucify me please!] and MERGE CLIP and then I let the program do the job I purchased for.


            Days ago using the Trial Version [before I purchased Premiere 10] I already read that Premiere does not like either large gaps [I did not have] or even simple clip cuts not merged and it did have 'loads' of problems, but most of them were solved by 'users' mostly.


            Anyway, that seems to have done the trick, even thou it did take around 4/5 ours to do 3Gb ! Why?

            My computer is fast.


            But I have not checked or burned the files yet - so, I do not know100% - just yet, I will check later on today.


            I believe Adobe must prepare a Service Pack with 'Loads' of fixing, there is no place to hide and that may convince users to even 'spend' and buy the PRO version - the ball is in your court now.


            I cannot believe Premiere is having so many small teething problems and I am only doing a BASIC test and I can see the vast majority of users of Elements Programs going literally insane and only us, the more Techy ones coping.





            PS the fact you see an avalanche of problems with my installation is actually normal.
            That is because I am a 'fast' and organised Computer Technician which gets on with things and I usually do this with all new programmes to get rid of the possible initial several small hiccups, that other Companies usually fix with Patches - not Adobe, it seems - at least with Premiere elements.

            In the last few years are mainly with Adobe Programmes. It is the only way to get the 'basic' program problems fixed straight away, so I do know the next time I run it actually works!






            IT WORKS!


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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Just a note to remind everyone that we are not Adobe employees or even computer experts on this forum.


              This is a user-to-user forum. We're just people who use the program and want to help others, based on our own experience.


              If you've got a message for Adobe, you should click on the Contact Adobe button that's at the bottom of every page on this web site.

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                mobon Level 1


                Apologies, I confused you with the person on the Photoshop website!


                Apart from that, all I said stands as fact.


                Adobe is obviously reading these forums and user IPs [!] - so ,they will get the hint anyway.


                A small addition is that I am not sure about the 'merge clip' part of it.


                Again Apologies again and for anyone that reads:

                You as an employee perfectly know what I am talking about, the Adobe numerous problems with Elements and pro and the clever Marketing and money making tool Adobe has created around it and I do understand you must keep Adobe's side - of course and that is not a problem at all.


                It was a mistake as Steve Grisetti si not an Adobe employee but a user willing to hel and I mistaken him with somebody else from another post!


                I do not like to state something which is not correct and it was a genuine mistake.




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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  I am lost on the "merge clip," as I have never heard of that function/operation in PrE, or PrPro for that matter. In PrPro, there is a function, that is somewhat similar in name, but it's used for some very specific actions.


                  What exactly are you attempting to do with the "merge clip" function?


                  Let's think about the Clips on the Timeline. First, there is no real "media" on the Timeline, nor in the Project - only links to the media on one's system. One can do many things with the Clips on the Timeline, and they will, in no way, affect the actual media files. PrE is a "non-destructive editor." During all editing operations, the only thing that is done, is that initially, the media (Source Files) are read from the HDD, and internally, PrE creates proxy files, that show you what you are doing in the editing. Other than insuring that the links to the Source Files has not been broken/changed, those files are not really accessed, UNTIL one Exports/Shares the Project/Timeline to create NEW media files, which might be stand-alone AV files, or might be packaged onto a DVD-Video/BD. At that point, PrE reads the Source Files again, picking up all necessary data, and then processing that data through the XML instruction sets in the Project file (PREL).


                  So, if you have one Imported Clip, and then Cut it into pieces, discarding some, but retaining others, you have NOT actually Cut the Source File, but have written instructions to do so, when one goes to Export/Share to the destination. If you Cut out segments, and then close up the gaps (you are correct - gaps in the Video are bad, and can cause all sorts of issues), the Cut-up Clips will be "merged" in the output file(s). There is no need to do anythiing else on the Timeline.


                  Basically, PrE has been instructed to take data from the Source Files. I'll make up some TimeCodes, to give an example of this. We have Cut-up our Clip, that ran from TimeCode 00;00;00;00 to 00;20;00;00, i.e.a 20 min. Clip. We have now told PrE that we want it to gather the data from 00;00;00;00 to 00;05;00;00, or the first 5 mins. of that Source File. We then have Deleted a segment, so we are telling PrE to ignore the data from 00;05;00;01 until 00;06;00;00, or 1 min. of Video/Audio. Then, we tell it to pick up the data from 00;06;00;00 until 00;10;00;00, or 4 mins. of that Source File. Next, we tell it to ignore all data from 00;15;00;00, 00;18;00;00, but gather the data from 00;18;00;01, until 00;20;00;00. PrE will gather the referenced data, then ignore the next section, gather from the next, ignore the next, and finally gather to the end of the Clip. The program will write a new file, with ONLY the referenced data, ignoring all that was "edited out." In the Export/Share, all "merging" will take place.


                  Maybe you have a particular need, and I am just not picking up on that, but if you can define the process of "merging the Clips," then maybe someone will be able to directly help you accomplish that task.


                  Good luck, and please let us know a bit more.




                  PS - Like Steve, I am not an Adobe Employee, or their representative - just a lowly user.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Your Faulting Module,

                      Fault Module Name:    wdmaud.drv

                      Fault Module Version:    6.1.7601.17514

                    is not part of PrE, but is a WDM Audio Driver Mapper.


                    You will probably find it in Windows and likely in the System 32 sub-folder, though that might differ, depending on your version of Windows.


                    Good luck,



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                      mobon Level 1

                      Bill, the Merge thing I have explained I do not know myself what happened.


                      When it will re-happen I will be careful to explain it.


                      I was not doing anything different from normal and was only trying to understand why it did not want either Burn to DVD or DVD-folder, but the I did it!


                      No idea!


                      I re-tested doing a new short test project inserting 2 short home videos [DV] from a Panasonic 7Mpx Camera and left a blank split between the 2 videos and PPE10 did the DV-folder encoding very happily!


                      Therefore I do not know what happened exactly.


                      By the way I remember the encoding stopped at 21% and program crashed and I did not have any large program working in the background - the CPU was not overworking and the memorey was 50/60% in use at the time.


                      To clear the air- Adobe employees have the ADOBE icon in their avatar with the word 'employee'


                      Thanks for your valuable inputs - appreciated!

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                        mobon Level 1

                        is not part of PrE, but is a WDM Audio Driver Mapper.



                        Bill Hunt, they should call you Bill The Great!


                        Must go now, as I am getting stomach aching by having being on this laptop for 2 days trying to sort out all the small teething problems.


                        See you another day.


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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          With DVD-Video (and BD), everything is built around the Video, with Audio a secondary consideration. When Transcoding is initiated, gaps can cause issues, even ones as small as 1 Frame. The Video Stream is paramount. Now, and with that said, I inherited a large Project, in which the previous editor had left 800+ gaps in the Video. That person had been able to Burn DVD-Videos from those Sequences (that was in Premiere 6.5 on a Mac), as I had copies of them. Still, knowing how gaps CAN affect things, my first operation was to remove them. Most were just mistakes, where the gap had not been closed by butting Clips (Still Images in this case, with Keyframed animation) to each other, but in two cases, that editor wanted black, so I just added Black Video, to fill the gaps. All edited and authored well, for me, after many changes, and much "clean up."


                          Still, and from many others' reports, single, simple, tiny gaps, have brought many Projects to their knees. For that reason, I always check very carefully for ANY, and remove them, or fill them with Black Video.


                          Now, that crash at 21% might yield a clue (though you did get the Project burned). PrE uses a 2-pass Transcode for authoring to DVD-Video. That means that at 50%, the first pass has completed, and information on the footage, such as motion, has been gathered. Then, the second pass begins, with the actual Transcoding, based on the info from that first pass. At 21% of the operation, that would translate to ~ 42% of the Duration of the Timeline - remember, 50% of the operation = first pass, for 100% of the Duration. Were I faced with a failure to Transcode at 21% of the operation, I would suspect an issue at ~ 42% of my Timeline's Duration, and would begin a careful search of the Timeline, at that point, working in each direction, out from there. I would be first looking for any gaps, but then examining each Asset around that point, such as an MP3 Audio file, perhaps an overly-large Still Image, or anything out of the ordinary.


                          The good news is that you got past that point, so probably it was a case, where you fixed everything.


                          Good luck,




                          PS - one little tid-bit, that might come into play: PrE does the editing, and can handle quite a bit in the way of Assets, and operations. However, the DVD-Video/BD authoring is done by Sonic AuthorCore modules, that are licensed to Adobe by Sonic. They go back a bit in age, and have some eccentricities, such as not handling long file names, spaces in file names, certain characters in file names, long Paths to files, etc. For instance, those spaces in file names are a real throwback, to the days of 8.3 file naming conventions, with NO spaces. In our OS's, we moved on from those restrictions, many, many years ago. Still, the Sonic AuthorCore modules can STILL have issues with them. As much, in regard to authoring in PrE, is done semi-automatically, and truely behind the scenes, one seldom sees some of those limitations, and eccentricities there, but in Adobe Encore (the full-featured authoring program that ships with PrPro), one can hit those problems, easily and often. Between you and me, I would love to see Sonic overhaul and update those modules, but then they concentrate on updating their US $ 60,000 Sonic Scenarist program suite.