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    Installing Premiere Elements 9 on Mac OS 10.7


      I have Premiere Elements 9 and have been having great difficulty getting it installed since my purchase almost one year ago.  I purchased the Photoshop Elements / Premiere Elements 9 combo.  Photoshop Elements 9 installed without incident.  After many attempts over the many months, today I was successfull.  After reading all the online and Adobe.com help discussions, I noticed one discussion that mention deleting a font from the Library/Font folder.  I deleted one font MyriadWebPro-Italic.ttf, which was recommended on a discussion thread.  I attempted to install again with no luck.  I noticed in the error message received after each failed install that another font was listed.  It was an .otf font but I can't remember the file name.  I deleted this file as well. I also copied all the Adobe Premiere Elements 9 folders from the DVD to my hard drive.  I then attempted to install Premiere Elements 9 again and to my pleasant surprise it worked just fine.


      My advice is to copy all the Adobe Premiere Elements install folders/files from the DVD to your hard drive and install from there.  If nothing else it is faster this way.  Pay particular attention to errors regarding fonts.  Delete the mentioned fonts from the Library/Fonts folder and then install.


      Good luck!