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    Premiere Pro CS5.5 User Interface Font Size

    GrizzB Level 1

      After years of using happily using an early version of Premiere to edit DV I have finally upgraded my video hardware & software to handle HD.


      I am using Adobe Premier Pro CS5.5.1.

      I have a 24" WS full hd monitor as my primary monitor.


      Can it really be true that there is no way to increase the font size in the user interface aside from changing my screen resolution?

      The default font is too small for my old eyes to view comfortably. I'm fairly certain that the old version of Premiere I had allowed

      the font & other parts of the use interface (like the frames in the timeline) to be scaled.


      Have I somehow missed something in the settings, or did adobe really leave something this basic out of the user interface of an $800

      software package? Do I really have to change screen resolution or buy a bigger monitor to increase the GUI font size?